Privacy Policy

1. General terms

According to the Law of Ukraine «On protection of personal data» as of 01 June 2010 № 2297-VI, personal data are understood as information or a set of information about an individual, who is identified or can be accurately identified. According to the Privacy Policy, the concept "personal data" includes information, or a part of information, enabling your identification. As a rule, it includes name, surname, nickname, email, phone number, also can include IP-address. Charitable Foundation «Fortechnyi» can obtain such information when you provide personal information on the website, from the bank card or the bank statement of payment, as well as on any other voluntary provision of information.

The Foundation treats the confidential (personal) information of each individual having visited our website with the outmost respect, as well as of those who donated or are willing to donate, therefore aims to protect privacy of personal data by creating and securing most comfortable conditions for each visitor of the website.

2. Usage and aim of collection of personal data

In order to correctly identify and effectively use your donation, be able to contact you, and answer your questions, your full name, surname, phone number, payment information and email are needed.

Briefly about why we collect your personal data:

  • implementation of statutory objectives;
  • communication between the website and the user;
  • processing of donators’ requests;
  • statistics;
  • analysis of donations;
  • technical information;
  • cookie files;
  • analytics of the website.

Charitable Foundation «Fortechnyi» operates according to this Privacy Policy, Regulations on processing and protection of personal data, and the current legislation of Ukraine.

The Foundation is entitled to store Personal data as long as necessary for the implementation of the objective specified in this Policy, or in terms established by the current legislation of Ukraine, or until you delete this data.

3. Granting access to the information

Provision of the access to your personal data to other companies and private individuals is possible only under the following conditions:

  • the availability of your permission;
  • in cases specified by the current legislation of Ukraine, and in order to prevent crime or damages to the Foundation or third parties.

4. Protection of the information

The Foundation takes all necessary actions for protection of the data from the unauthorised access, changes, disclosure, or destruction. These measures include internal checks of the collection processes, storing and processing of the data and security measures, inclusive of corresponding encryption and measures to ensure physical security of the data to prevent unauthorised access to the systems where personal data is stored.

5. Changes in Privacy Policy

If necessary, Charitable Foundation «Fortechnyi» is entitled to make amendments or changes to this Privacy Policy at its own discretion, especially according to changes in the legislation of Ukraine, in particular the Law of Ukraine «On protection of personal data».

In case of making amendments to this Policy, the date of new edition is displayed. The amended Privacy Policy becomes valid and is used from the date of the new edition.

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