Project "Good where you are"

Because of the enemy aggression, millions of Ukrainians lost their homes, job, stable income, safe life, were forced to flee to a comparatively protected place and acquired the status of displaced persons. Having moved to temporary housing, most IDPs have to take care of their own families as well. CF "Fortechnyi" provides humanitarian aid to such destitute people.

For this purpose, the foundation's team regularly visits the communities of the Kirovohrad region to hand humanitarian packages directly into the hands of the affected people and receive their kind words and grateful smiles.

"Fortechnyi" promptly responds to requests from local self-government bodies: makes lists of needs, purchases necessary items and products, organizes their kitting, packaging and delivery.

What Humanitarian Aid Does the Foundation Provide?

Currently, this list includes:

• food packs (cereals, rice, flour, pasta, canned meat, oil, sugar, etc.)
• school supplies (notebooks, colored paper, drawing albums, plasticine, pens, pencils, felt-tip pens, rulers)
• heating devices (autonomous power systems, generators, infrared lamps, cable coils, heating plants, etc.)

The future plans of the foundation include expanding the range of humanitarian assistance and adding to it, in particular, clothes, shoes, textiles, furniture, household appliances, medical and social equipment and accessories (prostheses, hospital beds, wheelchairs, rollators, medical equipment, etc.), hygienic materials, medicines, etc. Some items of the humanitarian aid are new, some – used, and they were received from the caring people. Every day we are striving to improve our activity, find new areas of humanitarian assistance and increase its volume.

Important for the Recipients of Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian projects of Charitable Foundation "Fortechnyi" are aimed at IDPs, evacuees and war victims. All Ukrainians, who, this or that way, suffered losses because of the hostilities within the territory of their native country, have the right to apply for help. The foundation also receives requests from village communities of the Kirovohrad region and conducts its charitable activities according to their needs.

How Can You Obtain the Humanitarian Aid from CF "Fortechnyi"?

Unfortunately, we do not provide targeted (private) humanitarian aid, so we advise you to proceed as follows. Are you and your family displaces persons? Are you in a certain settlement without a residence permit? Have you registered as an IDP?

1. Contact the local self-government bodies of the settlement you are currently staying in.

2. Submit a request for humanitarian aid.

3. Wait for the information about the charity event. The community will submit data to the foundation and notify you about the place and time of receiving aid.

In turn, we advise the communities of the region to contact the foundation in the most convenient way (link to the "Contacts" section). Provide us with the requests from the displaced people who are currently staying in the community, and we will definitely consider each of them to make a decision on aid.

The Humanitarian Project Would Be Impossible Without the Benefactors

We are sincerely grateful to everyone contributing to the development of the foundation. After all, it is thanks to your support we can make children and their displaced parents happy - help those who need it, and restore Ukraine in small steps.

Foundation "Fortechnyi" is grateful to all donators with all our heart, because thanks to their financial support, our joint humanitarian project becomes a reality. With such help, you can, in the literal sense, feed, heat and cheer up many displaced families.

Follow the news on our website and in social networks – that is where the foundation announces fundraisings and reports on implemented humanitarian projects. CF "Fortechnyi" has the objective to hold such actions regularly in order to support the war victims.

We hope to implement them together with you!

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