"Home is where you are"

Defenders of Ukraine and resettled professionals need to own comfortable homes. Fortechnyi brings home warmth, coziness, and a sense of happiness for these people. The foundation builds, buys, and repairs housing for them.

We’re building homes for the armed forces servicemen and displaced people

Providing housing for servicemen and professionals who relocated from the occupied territories became a most urgent need in times of a military aggression. Many buildings in Ukrainian cities and villages have been destroyed, so many people need new housing now. As a result, we see the significant increase of costs required for rebuilding the homes for soldiers, veterans, disabled people, displaced people and their families.

How will we meet the needs of people, who do not have a home?

Every year, the government allocates significant budget funds for buying and constructing the new housing for servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the housing queue is getting longer because of the war. Currently, almost 50,000 soldiers are in a queue to receive housing, some of them have been waiting for decades.

These are the families of those who defend our country from the aggressor. Their dreams of their own homes seem almost impossible to achieve... Still, honoring the heroes who risked their lives for the sake of a free Ukraine is an important government mission.

We also have an open issue of housing for professionals who had to leave their homes, but who wish to stay in Ukraine. Each of them needs stability — walls, floor, roof, a place they own, warmth and comfort. They must have a place where they can live and where to return after work.

We want to join this activity, that’s why Charitable Foundation Fortechnyi has launched the project “Home is where you are”.

Project prospects

The project became a real alternative. The benefactors can give housing to the people whose destinies were marred by the war. We build housing for those who plan their future here, who do not want to leave, who love Ukraine and Ukrainians. During construction and repair, we use modern materials and technologies to create high-quality housing. Charitable Foundation Fortechnyi contributes to making the dreams come true. This project is one of our priorities, and you can help to put it in place.

We call on all Ukrainians who care to help us in this initiative and to donate their own housing to the defenders of Ukraine and resettled professionals. First, we strive to provide housing for these categories. They defend the interests of the communities, but they need help at the moment. Thanks to the project, many of these people will get their own comfortable housing. They will be able to work, and so they will start their new life.

Do you want to support our projects?

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