Charitable foundation "Fortechnyi" is striving to provide assistance to the defenders of Ukraine, who are fighting at this moment for their dearest: their land and their loved ones. The forefront currently consists of the hottest points where urgent help for our military is needed. Since February 24, 2022, the enemy is daily trying to break the defence through to move upcountry, and our guys are holding back the pressure, keeping courageously on and fighting off the enemy's invasion.

We cannot act as bystanders, especially when the situation at the front is escalating and the occupiers are building up their strength to break through. We have to take the side of our soldiers with real deeds, and not just mentally and prayerfully.

Cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine Are the First Steps in the Foundation's Activities

Charitable Foundation “Fortechnyi” contributed to one important initiative — the purchase of cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

1. We received many appeals from the military already in the first days of the foundation's existence. Often - personal requests from the acquaintances serving in different units. The mail was full of letters and we understood: first of all, quality cars are needed at the forefront.
2. We also found out that the Ukrainian army really needs off-roaders, pickups, tow trucks, buses for the transportation of personnel, prompt and efficient performance of important tasks at the forefront. Therefore, we started searching in this direction.
3. In a relatively short time, we managed to find the necessary car models and contributed to the purchasing of vehicles.
4. The special transport was safely delivered from abroad, inspected by service station specialists and then directed to our defenders. We helped transfer cars for the needs of ensuring the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

The Foundation Facilitated the Purchase of the Following Cars for the Army Needs:

· Truck TATA LPT 613, 2006
· Bus “Mercedes-Benz” 410 (general Sprinter bus - D), 1999, for personnel transportation
· Car “Hyundai Santa Fe”, 2005

Fundraising for Cars for the Armed Forces and the Difficulties We Faced

During the fundraising, we realized that many people lost their stable income, so finding large amounts for the army needs was not an easy task. For us, the provision of cars was not our core competence, but we could not remain apathetic to the requests from the military constantly arriving at the foundation's mail. We understood that we had to respond quickly. The cars were urgently needed, so the funds were urgently allocated for this.

Sometimes seditious thoughts arose: we were willing to buy a car for the Armed Forces on credit, not to waste valuable time, because the cars were needed at the forefront already "yesterday". In addition, the military themselves could not physically buy and provide the cars delivery, so they had to rely solely on their own strength. Despite the difficulties, with the partners’ funds, the fundraising was completed: everyone helped as much as could, so we thank all the caring benefactors from the bottom of our hearts.


Now it is our honour to publish this highly anticipated report, because we have done it together with you. The soldiers received so necessary cars and are already performing combat missions. The foundation and the whole community are grateful to everyone who joined the fundraising, helped with information, contacts and ties. We are also grateful to our Ukrainian soldiers for their courage and bravery.

We consciously understand that we would help to purchase the cars for all soldiers, but the foundation's capabilities are really limited. The requests did not go away: there is a constant queue for 3-4 cars. We are calling you not to stand aside from the needs of our army. If ordinary people and Ukrainian businesspersons help it, our Heroes will be provided with everything, from walkie-talkies to special vehicles.

All together we are a force. We have done it and will do even more!


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