Project "Victory Is Where You Are"

Ukraine is walking confidently towards its Victory, the price of which is freedom and life. Currently, the whole world is watching the Ukrainians bravely fighting for their right to exist. Due to the hostilities in the territory of Ukraine, many people are forced to leave their family and work, to defend the freedom of the state with arms in hand. The best of the best are currently in the front-line trenches, being killed and wounded. And it is you who can support the soldiers, help them withstand and survive.


How are the soldiers approaching the Victory of Ukraine?

They are fighting the invaders so that our blue-yellow flag flies freely in every Ukrainian village and city. For the peaceful blue sky and a yellow field. For the heart and soul of our people.

People from abroad sometimes think they are titans of the earth and the air. But we Ukrainians know: the legends are among us. These are our soldiers in pixel form, step by step fighting for the independence of Ukraine. Although only at the frontline they know exactly what high price freedom comes at. It is the Armed Forces of Ukraine we are believing in as we have never believed in anyone. And this faith creates miracles.

But besides faith, our defenders need ongoing support. Medicines and tactical gear, equipment and warm clothes, gadgets and tools, personal care products and food. Charitable Foundation "Fortechnyi" is doing everything possible to speed up the Victory and save the lives of our soldiers.

How can we help the Ukrainian defender?

Every donation is of great importance for supporting the Armed Forces, improving the difficult terms of service, and promoting recovery after being wounded.

We are grateful for any resource aimed at charitable assistance. Thanks to each donation, the wounded and traumatized get treatment and rehabilitation, receive equipment, machinery or even a car from the funds raised by our foundation.

Among the urgent requests of the military today is the purchase of thermal imagers for Special Forces and intelligence officers in the burning East. After all, winter does not wait, darkness does not pity. And our soldiers at zero, clearing our native land from enemies kilometre by kilometre, need to see well at night.

Do not stand aside - support our project "Victory is where you are". Let your goodness be where it is most needed today. We are sincerely grateful to you for the speed you are reducing the distance between a heart and a heart, between a benefactor and a soldier, between the war and the victory. 

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