Project "Heat Is Where You Are"

Taking into account the consequences of the damage in Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions and in view of the coming winter 2022, Charitable Foundation "Fortechnyi" launched a new initiative. The project "Heat is where you are" was initiated by the foundation to provide the establishments in the affected regions with heating devices - generators and heat units.

The aim of the initiative is meeting the needs of medical and educational institutions, reception centres and social facilities. After all, a significant number of establishments must continue working despite the war, but due to the lack of heating equipment, it becomes extremely problematic.

Steps of the Project Implementation

Charitable Foundation “Fortechnyi” received official letters with requests from communities for more than 90 institutions: hospitals, schools, preschool educational institutions (nurseries and kindergartens), outpatient clinics, laboratories, paramedics, social and cultural facilities, social service centres.

With the support of caring people, the foundation has already taken the first steps: it decided on the list of institutions to be helped, and agreed on all the technical details. The total area of buildings, volume, number of rooms, number of people in the room, number and type of necessary heating equipment, needs for heating points, availability of power supply networks, available power, connection method, power sources (main and additional), availability of resources for equipment installation, distance between the objects and the network were clarified. It also identified needs for staff training and monitoring of equipment operation after installation.

The next step is the purchase, transportation and equipping of facilities with heating means. At this stage, we need your help.

Why is Assistance to These Regions the Foundation’s Priority?

Kharkiv and the region remain the part of Ukraine that suffers the most from artillery and missile strikes. Because of enemy attacks, more than 4,500 buildings, approximately 500 educational institutions, about 100 hospitals, and 14 industrial enterprises were destroyed in the city. These numbers are growing daily. Despite everything, more than 800,000 Kharkiv residents remain in their home city, lacking proper medical care and social facilities. The situation is similar in the region.

Sumy and Chernihiv regions are the territories where enemy troops stayed and which are still feeling their pressure. Due to the enemy aggression, a significant number of settlements were under occupation and suffered from shelling and bombing. Due to the active hostilities, the regions suffered considerable destruction. Russian attacks destroyed and damaged objects of social infrastructure and residential buildings.

That is why our charitable foundation launched the project "Heat is where you are" so that the establishments of the mentioned regions are ready to meet the winter cold in comfort and continue their work.

Why Are We Striving to Help Medical and Educational Establishments?

Medical and educational institutions suffer from the large-scale invasion of the Russian aggressor, because they are cynical and shameful "target" for the enemy's actions.

Despite the decline and shelling, they continue assisting to both civilians and military personnel. People need high-quality medical services at any time of the year, including in winter. The specialists will continue to work conscientiously, protecting the life and health of communities, teaching and educating children. They will assist the civilian population and soldiers injured by the aggressor's actions, and will treat emergency conditions. They will do everything they have done until now. But in winter, one of the necessary needs will be light and heat, which, unfortunately, may be unavailable due to shelling.

In addition, medical institutions have a special need for gasoline single-phase generators in case of power outages and for maintaining a "cold chain". It is necessary for the storage of immuno-biological preparations, vaccines and medicines. There should be heating and uninterrupted power supply in outpatient clinics, obstetric points, enterprises, educational institutions, collective points (shelters). Cases of lack of heating in such institutions are unacceptable, given the emergencies of a military nature.

Children are studying, and forcibly displaced persons are temporarily staying in social institutions. All of them also need heaters to survive the winter. There is a need for mobile diesel generators, portable rechargeable lanterns, floor convectors, heaters of the heat gun type.

"Heat Is Where You Are": How to Join the Project?

The communities of Kharkiv, Sumy and Chernihiv regions gratefully accept any feasible or humanitarian aid provided for the victims of russian aggression. For its part, Charitable Foundation "Fortechnyi" unites efforts with business representatives, foundations, government and public organizations, volunteers and ordinary citizens to implement the "Heat Is Where You Are" project.

Currently, the foundation is reliably supported by its partners - the French charitable organization “Electriciens sans frontiers” (“Electricians without borders”) and Private Enterprise “Astarta Group”. Thanks to these companies, Charitable Foundation "Fortechniy" managed to successfully implement the first steps within the project framework "Heat is where you are". We count on your attention and help. Take part in the charity project and make your donation! 

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