Questions and answers

  • Who can become the acquirer of an apartment in a new building from CF “Fortechnyi”?

    Veterans and their families the list of whom is determined by the public board will become the acquirers of the apartments

  • Who considers the candidates for housing?

    A specially established public board will determine the apartments’ acquirers. It contains the representatives of  public and volunteer organizations and others.


  • Is it possible to sell or exchange the accommodation provided?

    Yes, it is. The provided apartment will constitute a full ownership of the resident. Please take into consideration that the right to acquire an apartment under the housing program of Charity Foundation “Fortechnyi” is given only once. That is, in the case of its sale, the resident will not have the right to acquire housing again.

  • Does the foundation provide targeted (individual) assistance?

    CF “Fortechnyi” renders assistance to communities only.  For obtaining it, you need to contact our charitable organization ( and submit a request. 

  • How can I help CF “Fortechnyi”?

    The benefactors can transfer funds to the bank account of the foundation ( for financing the organization or for supporting a separate project.

    You can help the foundation not only with money. We often need the assistance of volunteers and partners while holding charity events and actions. We always wait for you and be grateful for your help! 

  • Where can I see the reports on the charity foundation activity?

    The foundation systematically publishes the reports on its activity on the official website ( 

  • Can I bring things, inventory, books and food to the fund?

    Yes, you can. Our foundation provides proper conditions for the storage of inventory items, dry rations, things, clothes. You can bring them, and we shall pass them on to the communities requiring such support right now.

  • How can I help the foundation except donating?

    A tried-and true-way to unite the like-minded people is social media. Invite your friends to subscribe to CF “Fortechnyi” pages, share our posts or tell the others about the foundation’s projects requiring donations. Thanks to your activity, we shall be able to raise more funds for the implementation of projects.

  • How can I contact the foundation coordinators?

    By phone +38 093 100 62 67 and by E-mail:


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