Restoring Ukraine together

Charitable Foundation “Fortechnyi” was established in Kropyvnytskyi for the joint restoration of Ukraine. The activity of the Foundation is aimed at rendering assistance to the Ukrainians affected by the hostilities as well as their families. CF “Fortechnyi” provides these categories of population with social protection, housing and financial assistance, and introduces other social initiatives.

The mission of charitable foundation is to restore strong Ukraine and strong Ukrainians. And it is you who can join this mission.

Activities of the Foundation

Each project of the charitable organization is focused on supporting those who suffered pain and losses due to the aggression of the russian federation. Charity Foundation “Fortechnyi” raises funds by cooperating with businesses, organizations, citizens of Ukraine and the world, philanthropists and international foundations.

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The priority activity of the foundation is to provide housing for those who risked their lives for the sake of our freedom, was wounded or injured, and do not have their own accommodation.

A modern newbuild is our contribution to the restoration of Ukraine.

Charitable Foundation “Fortechnyi” funds new housing construction, purchase of apartments in residence complexes, and buys equipment and furniture for the apartments.

The foundation is beginning the funding of construction of a 6-floor building consisting of 41 apartments (35 studios, 6 – 1-bed) in Kropyvnytskyi. Their owners will be the Ukrainians affected by the war with russian invaders and their families, and the foundation helps them improve their living standards.

The apartments will be ready for immediate move-in: fully furnished and equipped with all necessary household appliances. A modern building will be located on an area of 0.25 hectares at the address: 7, Rivnenska Street, Kropyvnytskyi. We believe that the total amount of the raised donations will be sufficient to transfer the ownership of all apartments in the modern building to those whom the war deprived of their native homes.

A specially established public board will make decisions on granting the accommodation. It will include the representatives of the military, public organisations and volunteers. The decision-making process on housing provision, construction process and implementation stages are transparent and regularly covered on the website and in mass media. Sketches, photos, project documentation and news concerning the construction site and implementation of the project are also available on the website.

To speed up the construction process and improve the living conditions of those whose home walls were destroyed as soon as possible, support of businesses and society is needed.

Each of your donations is a brick in a house for Ukrainian families.


Housing support

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The foundation develops social activities: provides social protection and assistance to the population, introduces other up-to-date projects in Ukraine.

The foundation helps with treatment of the veterans, their rehabilitation and social adaptation to the restored life, successful employment, mental support, etc.  

Charity Foundation “Fortechnyi” provides all necessary support to the injured and traumatized for the start of new life. After all, damages treatment is a long and costly process and people are not able to go through it at their own expense. The charity foundation helps in payments for medicines, diagnostics, necessary medical treatment.

The charity foundation is also involved in current initiatives concerning toponyms change in the cities of Ukraine, runs a campaign for public awareness of new street names in the honour of defenders of Ukrainian statehood.

The future begins now; therefore, the foundation implements social initiatives in Ukraine and for the Ukrainians.

We call to join the charity and make your contribution to the common cause.


Social initiatives

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Considering the war in the country, Fortechnyi cannot stand aside. We have a line of activity aimed at protecting our soldiers.

No one can't ignore the war, both at ground zero and on the home front. So, we focus on helping our soldiers to save their lives and bring victory closer.

No way to hope that someone else will bring victory in the trenches or by assaults. After all, Ukrainians could achieve the victory by joining efforts together with partners using the support from the rest of the world. Those who fight for the country together with those who give weapons. Those who restrain the terrorist state together with those who help Ukraine.

That is why Charitable Foundation Fortechnyi announces the fundraiser and spends the collected funds on thermal imagers, drones, and cars for the defenders of Ukraine. We buy equipment at the request of guys from the Armed Forces and deliver it to the front line.

We know our soldiers need medicines, tactical equipment, warm clothes, gadgets, tools, personal hygiene products, and food. So, the Foundation appreciates every contribution that helps support the Armed Forces, improve the difficult conditions they serve in, and promote recovery after injuries.

We are grateful for any resources directed to charitable assistance for our defenders. Thanks to each contribution, the wounded and injured soldiers receive treatment and rehabilitation, get equipment, gear or even a car at the expense of the funds our Foundation has collected.

Please don’t stand aside, and support our project “Victory Is Where You Are”. We’ve created it as part of the military help from the Fortechnyi Charitable Foundation.


Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Projects of the Foundation

The "Fortechny" Foundation initiates, supports and finances charitable and humanitarian projects. Since its establishment, the fund has been providing assistance, getting involved in solving the problems of Ukrainians. The fund plans to finance the treatment and rehabilitation of those injured and traumatized, to provide housing for them and their families. Creative educational projects for the public of the city are also relevant for BF "Fortechny".

Partners of the Foundation

Charity Foundation “Fortechnyi” needs support from and partnership with philanthropists. For the effective and timely assistance to people, the Foundation team integrates efforts with business representatives, foundations, community organizations and volunteers.

Do you want to support our projects?

Join in supporting the activities of Foundation “Fortechnyi” for the future